Money Laundering

Money Laundering:
We have successfully represented a broad range of professionals, executives, and corporations charged with money laundering, including some of the most significant trials both in Massachusetts and elsewhere. If you or a family member is the subject of a money laundering investigation or prosecution, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the depth of our experience, skills and knowledge in this area.

The Department of Justice has successfully lobbied Congress for incredibly elastic and draconian money laundering statutes, which punish monetary transactions involving proceeds of specified unlawful activity that, generally, are designed with an intent to conceal the nature, source or ownership of the funds, or monetary transactions involving criminal proceeds that exceed $10,000.00. The government often supports its mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, honest services fraud, or other criminal prosecutions with money laundering allegations, which can result in significantly increased criminal punishment.

In defending prosecutions involving money laundering statutes, an individual’s state of mind will often be a critical component, and defenses to charges of money laundering are both factually and legally complex. If you or a family member is the subject of such an investigation or prosecution, it is critically important that you obtain legal representation as early as possible in the process, such that your attorney can immediately begin his investigation in a timely manner. The goal of any such investigation is often twofold: acquire information essential to persuading the government that you have not committed any federal offense and, if necessary, begin to prepare a defense to a federal prosecution in the event the government ultimately decides to seek an indictment. We have the resources, experience and skills to effectively defend money laundering investigations or prosecutions, and invite you to contact us to learn more.